14 January 2004

email ke mr mohsen

Attached are my CV and Academic Transkript.

I dont know, whether my background is suitable for your needs or
not, I just hoping that I could experience a new thing working
in a new company.

I've read that 70% skilled employee, dont get their experience
from their background study, averagely they get their skill from
company to company they working with, and the rest is from the
colleagues they've met during their lifetime of working.

I've proved that, during my college years I'm an electrical
engineering and my computer skill is know only using MS-DOS,
Programming using Pascal Language and Playing games :-), but
when I was working for the first time, I managed to learn about
databases, new computer languages, etc.

My work now, mainly coding using Visual Basic, but when the
first time I work here, I dont know about it and I've never use
it, but I've managed to learned it and use it to create and
solve several projects.

So, my point is, in this information era, when knowledge and
information come and become obsolete so fast, I just humblely
expecting a chance to have an experience in a new kind of
working field.

I believe that if i got that chance and have proper training,
Insya Allah, I can do any job well.

Thank you for your time and kind respond, Sir.