16 January 2004

lesser blog day by day...

hehehe.. my passion for bloggin still exists but not having time, make me hard to post a new one, demed! i want to post cool stories that i think worth to read when i am old :-D, or occasion, discussion with friends that good to be shared with others.

i'm practicing english here dudes!!.. so read carefully, it's awful isn't it, yeaah... not having teacher or native speaker to practicing, is hard you know, averagely, indonesian is a passive speaker of english, they mainly only listening but not talking, so when the time comes where they should use english to talk to... hmmm.... i'll bet it will sooo much... mmm... mmm .mmm... yaa.. its like my poor english... luckyly here... i'm only writing, so when thinking.. i can stop or writing dotz... but talking?... yii haaa.... mmmm... mmmm.... mmmm...... wordz will come out of my mouth frequently... :-(

i hope skype will work for my internet connection, so maybe i can find a native english free of charge, and practicing english with him/her... don't know skype? it's a voice over ip utility, that use the most of peer to peer technology to make chating with voice enable, perfectly working... try it.. www.skype.com