30 October 2011

How to download the RescueTime monitor software

RescueTime is a great tool to monitor and manage effectiveness your working time, especially when you're working as a freelancer, I've used this for a long time on my desktop PC when I decide to work more on my laptop, I need to install the rescuetime client app in it. But.... their design philosophy for their web a little bit idiotic, it takes a little time to find the download link.

I'm using a full HD monitor here (1920x1080) and there's nothing in there at first glance, whatsoever that resembles how to download a monitor application, the most logic thing is checking all link at the right, luckily I'm not that stupid, nothing obviously tell you to download that monitor.

So I check google, first links after rescuetime.com itself, tell you to go to softonic, blah... I dont like that site, it will give you a downloader first, before you can get the real one, no more for spam please.

So with great curiosity, I was back to rescuetime site and doing carefully inspection read, arrghh... found out, it was simple, scroll a little bit and there... you'll find it... at the bottom !!

Whaat.. the... hell..., Hi Rescuetime, your system wont work without the monitoring client app, why you put that important link with very small font at the bottom man, its stupid !!

Clicking that link, will take you to this page, just klik the link to download it, not the button at the bottom right for next step (if you already signed up, like me)