03 September 2008

Comfort Zone...

Reading about Andy Noya resigning from metro tv from mailing list to another, makes me miss the experience when working by myself for about two years ago.

Yes, it brought more money, hehe, made you stronger and more of a fighter but the risk wasnt easy either.

I've discussed with my wife about resigning and leave the current office, but decided to stay around, at least until the end of this year, except get fired instead, hahaha...

A couple times arrived that make me to resign from here, but time after time, there comes some inevitable temptation, most of them are new knowledge that I can learn from.

I was an acute commercial application programmer such as ERP suite modules coder, modifier, accounting programmer, and even have my own point of sales application. Thanks God that my old friend ask me to join him in this company working as IT admin.

First job is easy, handling the network and manage it, then come one after another, cool new experience, starting playing with Cisco, asterisk PABX, Linux servers, BTS Installation and setup [yes GSM's BTS, even though not involved in the next step, hehe], and now I got new one, back to coding using PHP.

I was planning to use .NET for web programming, but never got a free time, to start and learning it, so here come the PHP system, I need to develop simple attendance log that communicate with finger scanning devices, the web is simple and done in two days, but quite opening to PHP's world.

No language is superior, It just a matter of cleverness to harness a language to their maximum potential.. to make money !. Yes MONEY !..

So here I am, still, learning, playing and back coding, and staying again in the comfort zone, receiving month to month paycheck, with scheduled working hours everyday, Alhamdulillah, and good luck to you Mr Andy.

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