03 September 2008

Google Chrome Installation Experience

Ok, today is the launching time, so after got the download link from the google blog, clickin there right away..

Wow.. what a suprise, so small download, but I realize it in an instant that it just the installer's seed of something i verry dislike, its like yahoo messenger installation, that give a small application to user to download first then that small application is the one that will download the real thing [main application] from the server.

And the worst part is, the huge file downloaded later will be deleted right away, after finishing instalation, what a fool trick, such a waste of bandwidth, especially for me !!!.

So, the downloading begin after the small installer is executed, because I need the real installer  to share it with the rest of my office's mates I need to track where the real application download goes, so using some monitoring tools I can tell that the file is put to this folder :

C:\Documents and Settings\[your xp username]\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Update\Download\{78CA6B42-EF51-419F-B059-36D8D9264B6B}

The {78CA6B42-EF51-419F-B059-36D8D9264B6B} part might change for each computer, I dont know, make sure you are opening this folder and watching it, because when the installation is finished, this folder will be deleted, yes.. deleted, gone, buuzz...and... damn!

The finished download will be around 7521 KB, and it will installed automatically,

If you want to keep the real installer, dont progress to any next step, find the folder first then copy to another folder.
Then the installation is finished, my first impression? simple and... ugly.. hahahaha, but lets use it for some time now...

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