15 August 2008

Posting Khusus Untuk Nge-claim Di Technorati

Ini profil gw di Technorati :

Technorati Profile

Gw bikin post ini khusus buat nge claim situs blog ini ke profil gw, soale blog gw yg di technorati cuman si yahoo 360 doang.

Technorati apaan sih?

Deskripsi versi mereka :
On the World Live Web, bloggers frequently link to and comment on other blogs, creating the type of immediate connection one would have in a conversation. Technorati tracks these links, and thus the relative relevance of blogs, photos, videos etc. We rapidly index tens of thousands of updates every hour, and so we monitor these live communities and the conversations they foster.
Jadi Klo mo tau blog blog mana aja [yg daftar di technorati] yang paling banyak di baca orang ya via technorati ini, skoring nya dikasi istilah "authority", jadi blog yang di link oleh 2 blog lain bakal dapet skor authority = 2, dst.

Yang rangking 1, yang paling gede authoritynya, top 100 technorati blog ada di : http://technorati.com/pop/blogs/