23 April 2011

Dont use QuickPix (QuikCam) from Two Teeth Technologies

If you're using Iphone 3gs and IOS 4.2.1 in a jailbroken state, stay away from this bullshit application, QuickPix formerly named QuikCam, it broke my phone, not the same with what it claims in the review.

It claim to be fast when loading, maybe works for iphone 4, well in my condition it is very slow in its first loading around 10 seconds, but around 3 seconds in loading for the next activating, quite fast capturing pic, I must admit i like the feature that able to take pics in video mode.

But here comes the nightmare, my phone is in jailbroken state and because i liked this application, i bought it for 0,99 usd, it happened twice, when im using video mode, suddenly it restarted, but the 2nd one is the worst, it RESTARTED MY PHONE AND PUT IT INTO RECOVERY MODE.


Stupid app !, what the hell was the programmer think, I dont know, maybe the coder hate people doing jailbreaking and doing something to crash the iphone.

I was in remote area without my laptop and backup, it was a holiday, recovery mode need itunes and the backup created to restore and to make the phone works again.

The worst dollar I've ever spent in app store... make me short the holiday and ruin it, have to drive back home to fix my phone.

Stay away from this application !


What i lost from this situation...
- lots of photos !!!
- some sms-es !
- chat logs !
- my reading bookmark
- game high score
- etc

arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggghhhhhh... I CURSE YOU !!!