13 April 2011

Longitude back to work after turning off google 2-step verification

Just in case there's anyone that also use jailbreak application called "Longitude", its an app that update your location to google latitude.

Before google launching google's own latitude application, its the only option to access and update google latitude, its discontinued now, but as I already bought this thing I still use longitude instead google's latitude application.

The other thing that I like, longitude can be set to update intervally from every 5 minutes to 8 hours for my phone's location, the google's latitude has no option for this, so its draining my phone's battery quite fast.

But suddenly around 2 weeks ago, after I set 2-step verification in my google's login, my google latitude showing no updates !, like longitude stop functioning and doesnt update correctly, simply not working.

After some test, doing uninstall and reinstalling, still, even though the longitude succesfully passed the credential test and showing successfull in updating, no location update in my google latitude page.

Suddenly remember its happening after activating 2-step verification, so I turn it off.. and boom... im back traced by the mister google.. whenever and wherever...